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Structure your project to get results in a shorter period of time

Get clear on the end goal

Seek results that are aligned with your vision

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Services for Corporates

Team Dynamics

performance facilitator

Discover the art of a caring communication for better relationships.

Autonomy▸ Performance▸ Collaboration▸ Communication.

Collaborative environment with routines and new communication protocols.

Decision making process improved through a cleansing process on stressful situations..

Team's structure review for geniune alignments with self and common aim.


Recruitment and role definition ◁

Team building through internal selection ◁

 Improving individuals performance (alignment) ◁


eXtended Project management

goals booster

Outsourcing or strengthening an existing team.

Study ▸ Plan ▸ Align▸ Execute ▸ Follow up



Define - Deploy.

Improve - Transfer..

Smart sourcing: long term or short term support to manage a project, a team.

New Initiatives to increase your competitiveness.

We help you structure innovative projects.

A transition period can be forecasted at the end of the mission to ensure the internal take-over.


follow your path

Our objective is Your Personal Project.

Get clear on where you are  heading and how your vision aligns with you true-self. 

Phase 1 - Define your priorities (vision, purpose, services).

Phase 2 - Dress an action plan.

Neutralise emotional charges for a better decision making process. Resentment or infatuation are imbalanced perspectives. Through a set of repetitive questions that make conscious the unconscious, we succeed to clear the biaised emotion, to be back to equilibrium.

Sessions can be held through a video conferencing systems or in person.

"Thank you Marie Jo for helping me unlock my patterns on an efficient and subtle way. You have the art and the mastery to make me aware of my potential and my know-how to achieve my professional project and the will to move forward. You are a career designer. I can already see the change in my clients' attitude towards me. Thank you very much Marie Jo. "

Catherine Siraut

Practitionner in Ortho-Bionomy®

(Biarritz, France)


Working with Individuals

Our expertise, your success

The road to evolution.


Case Studies


What They Say

White Structure

Ariel Lechter

Waste water treatment solutions

Los Angeles, California, United States

Project: Implementing and strengthening the Europan office.

Read the testimonial.

White Feather

Eugenio Verde

Waste management

Navarra, Spain

Project: Industrial equipment investment. Read the testimonial.

Abstract Structure

Mark Chipol

Founder - Managing Director

Eden Utilities

Energy Procurement Services

Henfield, United Kingdom

Project: Integrating processes, systems and departments.

Read the testimonial.

Paysage avec animaux

Catherine Siraut

Health and Well-being Industry

Biarritz, France

Project: Launching the business.

Read the testimonial.

Rock Formations

Roberto Rosso

Chief Executive Officer 

Utility Data Intelligence

Financial Reporting Technology

London, United Kingdom

Project: Implementing a bill validation and financial reporting system for pan-European clients. Read the testimonial.

White Branch



Chief Technology Officer

Utility Data Intelligence

Financial Reporting Technology

London, United Kingdom

Project: Programming a pan-European system. Read the testimonial.

Marie Jo Echeverria, Founder

Marie Jo Echeverria has over 20 years of international professional experience across the services sector (new technologies, energy consulting) and the industrial sector (waste water treatment solutions).

With an MBA in International Management from Royal Holloway University of London, she has worked in Finland, France, Spain and England, and has developpped commercial relationships with the States and South America.

Since 2007, she follows the teachings of Dr. John Demartini, a human behaviour specialist, and applies his techniques to improve communication and deal with unbalanced perceptions (Trained as a Trained Demartini Method® Facilitator and on the Values Determination Process®).



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